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Who We Are

Annual are a great resource!

   The Eastland Library is a happening place. The hours the Library is open are from 12:00 -5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. New books are arriving all the time. There are computers for the public to use. There is a genealogy department filled with history of events, places and families. The library depends on local volunteers for gifts of time and donations of books, magazines and money. 

  The Eastland Centennial Library is operated a board consisting of June King, Bettie Hughes, Marzelle Bradshaw, Rosalie Bradshaw, Melba Jo Hurt, Tena Walker and Lois Marshall. our librarian is Lou Jane Davis.   There are a host of volunteers: Marzell Bradshaw, Sharon Cushman,  Gail Haremza, Nancy Henderson, Bettie Hughes, Melba Hurt, Laverne Key, Opal Little, Kay Mabry, Lois Marshall, Margaret Scott, Tina Walker, Carol Naegle and Roberta Broussard who give freely of their time to accomodate the public.  These ladies have worked many hours to keep the library operating nicely. They deserve a great big kudos for their efforts. If you see any of these ladies tell them “Thanks for all your work”.

  The genealogy department also had a group of volunteers who are helping make the department one of pride for the library and convenience for the researchers. Some of the projects are typed obit books and individual notebooks on the small communities of our county. Many of the previous volunteers are helping with this. Others who are helping are Ruth Cowley, Barbara Bailey, Donna Bailey, Linda Boose, Pebble Harrison and Marilyn Miller. These ladies have really helped me to love my job. The Tuesday morning experience of cooperative work has been a blast. These ladies also need to be told they are appreciated. Several of the volunteers in the library are also proof reading the material we place in the shelves.

   The genealogy department attracts people from many places whose roots reach back to Eastland County. The main project headed by Wanda Skinner is to get as many obits from the past as possible and have them in notebooks with a Master index for all. This will be a great resource for those who come in searching for information and also a quick resource for those who give of their time to help others.  You are cordially invited to spend some time in the library and see what an interesting place it is.

  If you are interested in helping us just give me a call. If I have left off names that should be included I would appreciate you letting me know so I can correct the article. Check this site often as it will be updated on a regular basis.

Keep your History alived for those who follow after you.

In the process of preserving history, I began a project of excel spread sheets on the different classes of my community school.  Morton Valley school had a short life span but it influenced many people.  I began with one year (which was my first grade class)  I put the students full name, the years and the grades they attended Morton Valley.  Then I put the married name of the girls, and if they were deceased I also put that in one column.  It made a very neat and readable site.  Thei information should help a lot of my descendants find information on me and my friends in the years to come.

I realize few schools could do this but I know that each individual might have a great time doing just the class they attended in one school.