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The Gusher

We will begin with some of the pages from THE GUSHER  done under the direction of Jeanie Hanna Griffin in her English classes. The first one will be FROM GENERATION TO GENERATION. It was written by Ginger Hoffmann.

Have you ever known anyone that everything he touched turned to gold? Well, that is how things were for Carl William Hoffmann. C. W. Hoffmann was on his way to Arizona from Nebraska City, Nebraska, when he heard about an oil well being drilled about eighteen hundred feet in Eastland County. Further study of this well revealed that the men drilling the well had drilled about eighteen hundred feet in depth, and then abandoned the well and left the country, leaving all their equipment and tools on location. In 1921, C. W. Hoffmann, after several transactions, was soon the owner of the well. He got a crew, plugged the well, and then salvaged all the equipment. 

If this is of interest to you visit the Eastland Centennial Library and read more.